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19 Dumbest People On Facebook Who Broke All The Sane Walls

Facebook is a deceitful thing and yet it is equally inviting. For a few moments of fame, people end up doing some really foolish things. The result is - they do get fame, but not of the right kind. Here are some really dumb status updates you might want to sigh at.

But Why?


#dumb #verydumb.

What a jackass. She is never getting kissed, though.

That answer -_-

The right kind of advice : clear your search bar first.

Good Morning! Happy Realization Fella!

Music is universal, not every instrument, JERK.

Who are Kidding, Dude?

Eww...that Dirty Mind!

Please don't do this to your friends.

That is one dangerous tattoo, and one horrific status update.

Oh my God! Don't upload a status for 'via iPhone tag'. Please!

I might rip hair off my head now.

He should be banned to buy anything at all!

First, it's Clothes. Second, there is a EDIT button.

That must have been an escalator, Blonde!

The world knows who is dumb now.

That Insensitive....... women.