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Will Forte Has Shaved Off Half Of His Head, Looks Wacky!

Celebs from all over the world are experimenting and trying out new looks. And, then comes Will Forte.. In a recent party, Will Forte from 'The Last Man On Earth' was seen with half his face and head shaved. Although, it was a bold move but it suited the celeb since he looked wacky as hell. Check out some pictures of him in his cool new look and tell us what do you think. 

In a recent Friday night party, Will Forte definitely made an entrance.

His new look shocked everyone at the party and continues to shock millions of fans worldwide.

Let's take a closer look..

Yes, half his face literally means HALF HIS FACE!

If we look at it from an angle..


Did you see that?!

We love Will Forte's new looks but he kinda went a bit too overboard with this one.