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Poor Amina... Peter Gunz & Tara Wallace Are Back Together!

'Love in Silence' doer Amina clearly managed to leave our mouths gaping when she announced that she was pregnant with hubby Peter Gunz's tenth child. Allegedly, though, she has announed that she and Peter are no longer together and that she is doing just about okay all by herself in LA and doesn't plan to come back to New York and face all the music and drama all over again.And oh, that, having been said by the 'Never Give Up' artist; she also mentioned that even after multiple rounds of 'on and off' doing up between herself and Peter, she still adores him, loves him and completely dotes on him.  

When VH1 asked her if divorce was the next thing on platter, Amina nailed it!

"The honest truth is that I don’t know. All I can say is right now, at this moment, Peter and I are not together. I’m in LA and he’s in New York and we don’t live together and we’re not in a relationship, but are we done for good? Only time can tell."

Her love for him is infinite! Her words will prove it:

"I love him and he loves me and I have said over and over again, even at the reunion that he’s the only one I love so if he was to give me what I need, I would do anything for him and I still stand by that, and I would probably still move back."

She also discussed with VH1 that she had moved to LA for good & for the baby!

"I can’t say this is it, that I’m never gonna be with him again but right now at the moment we’re not together. I am trying to focus on me and 'my baby' and my pregnancy and not be so caught up in all this drama and be so emotional because that’s kind of how my life was. It was like every other day I was going through it, I didn’t know what was gonna happen. Maybe we are gonna end up together but that’s really up to him. I’m leaving it up to him because I know that don’t want the relationship as it has been."

When asked about Tara, she mentioned it was 'disgusting' hearing her name! She also said a few more things:

"I don’t want to see her on my Instagram. I unfollowed everyone that keeps posting about her and the baby. In this moment, I just want to forget that and when it’s constantly in my face it’s like I keep being reminded and feelings come up, that I have towards the situation and I don’t want to feel that way right now."

But looks like Pete is clear, he doesn't love Amina as much as he loves Tara!

Whatever beef be cooked between the two women, but the fact remains that Pete has finally chosen Tara over Amina!