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Top 15 Haunted Places in the World, Which you never want to visit.

These are the Scariest places in the world, where you can witness the paranormal activities. If you really think ghosts and paranormal activities don't exist, then you should surely visit one of these places. I can bet they will change your perception and send a chill through your spine. Still wanna visit these places?

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum,West Virginia.

Church in St. Etienne, France.

Movie theater in Detroit, Michigan.

Doll factory, Spain.

Wychwood Forest,England.

An abandoned church with a few lingering parishioners, Czech Republic.

Abandoned mining track, Taiwan

Snow Church , Canada.

Bare footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor.

Nara Dreamland, Japan

Shipwrecks , Bermuda Triangle.

South Carolina State Hospital, South Carolina.

Whittingham Asylum,England.

Chateau de Noisy, Belgium.

Berry Pomeroy in Devon, England.

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