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11 Most Stupid Excuses A Boyfriend Gives To His Girlfriend

He has become very intelligent, he now knows the trick, he knows you well, and he even knows that by saying what you will get convinced. Your boyfriend has an answer for everything but even you are smart enough, and you know that what he will say. You both are completely into each other and know each other well.This time, I am listing the world's most lame excuses that a guy gives and I am sure you will certainly relate to it.

1. It slipped off my mind.

You fixed a date with him and you were excited that after a whole busy week you both can meet but he forgot and kept sleeping.

2. It was really urgent.

He must have been doing his leisure work or must be feeling so lazy to even get up from his place.

3. I can't meet today, it's my friend's birthday.

Now every now and then he is invited at his friend's and he says that there is some important function at his friend's place maybe they will drink together or just play cards.

4. You know how bad my network is.

He has gone on a trip with his friends and he is so engrossed in the fun and laughter that he did not notice your calls or texts.

5. Baby, I forgot my phone at home.

He was out with his friends that night and he wanted a boys-time together and he ignored you that day. And he tells you that in a hurry he forgot his phone and the next moment he sends you a picture in which you see that his phone was in his hand.

6. Hell tired, let's talk tomorrow early morning.

Now this person who eats his dinner at 9 pm is telling you that he wants to sleep, he definitely has some plans that you won't approve of so he is playing safe that he is sleeping, and you won't disturb him.

7. I was stuck due to the signal.

The world's most awarded excuse - he missed the green signal and he got stuck in traffic and hence he is late. 

8. That was an unknown girl troubling me.

Now you see a girl's message in his phone at the wrong time of the day and he says that he does not know her and he would have given you her number so that you could set that unknown girl right.

9. There is a religious function at home.

Has your boyfriend ever made this excuse, for not meeting you?

10. My stomach is full I had a lot at home.

So he has some plans after meeting you and that's why he wants to be empty stomach because he knows once he starts with you then he can't control himself. He insists you to eat and says that he again has gained weight and he needs to control it.

11. Please, let's postpone I have an urgent work.

At one point of time, he was telling you that he is so relaxed, he finished all his work and now he says something urgent, or is it just a way to avoid meeting you because of something else. As he knows you are very understanding, he merrily profits this.