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This Guy Proposed His Girlfriend In The Cutest Way Ever

The coolest idea to say I LOVE YOU to your beloved: Here's the story of Ray and Claire, a sweet couple. Ray planned a romantic idea to surprise and propose his girlfriend using a message card. He clicked dozens of photos and displayed message card in pictures somehow. Claire remained unaware of the secret photography of her boyfriend. She was even pregnant during these days. It was a heart touching moment for Claire when Ray proposed her with these pictures. Yes, a great idea for boys to use for Valentines Day or the day they want to express their love.So, let's get started! 

Love Story of Ray and Claire

Ray Smith, a 39-year-old Fish delivery driver, took around 148 photographs to express engagement proposal to his pregnant 34-year-old girlfriend, Claire Bramley.

Clicking photos with proposal message card.

Ray told Metro that had several plans in mind for the proposal. But, none of them was that cool. He wanted to do something unique. So, he began taking pictures in a secret pose and used a proposal message card.

Ray's mission romance.

Smith kept clicking photographs without telling much to his girlfriend. He used cards with proposal message in every pic.

Claire was pregnant when the time was for the final proposal.

On June 2015, the couple received the good news about Claire's pregnancy. Ray was about to propose her at that moment. But, dropped the idea as he planned to make it more romantic.

Baby requests mom to accept proposal.

Ray was as excited as Claire after hearing their baby's news. He even clicked a picture with upcoming baby's ultrasound picture telling mommy to marry Ray.

Series of photo selfie session went long till the year end.

Claire told Metro, Ray is always romantic.

Ray never disclosed the secret of photographs. Whenever Claire use to inquire, he would smartly answer "It's for our sweet baby".

Ray captured every moment of love.

Claire even asked to see the clicked photographs. So, Ray was too smart. He used to click additional photos without the message card and display the same to his beloved.

Clicked pictures every where, even in the kitchen.

Claire was unaware of the romantic series of pictures her boyfriend was clicking. She every time posed with love and happiness.

Even clicked pictures at midnight.

Ray was in a serious mood of winning his sweetheart's heart again. He did not care about day and night. All he needed was good and sweet pictures.

Displaying message on TV screen was the most difficult attempt.

Ray slightly indicated Claire that 2016 would be a leap year and he should anyhow propose her.

Claire and Ray in Halloween costumes.

Even at the Halloween time, he thought of capturing some most memorable moments.

Just a few days before the proposal.

As December arrived, Ray was all set to propose his beloved on 25th December. Yes, Christmas was perfect.

25th December- The Proposal Day.

On 25th December 2015, Ray brought tears of true love in Claire's eyes. She was so happy and glad to find how sweetly he arranged everything to make her smile.

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