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This Is The Ultimate Proof That Indians Are The Kings Of Jugaad

We the Indians are born genius and are famous for jugaad. Jugaad is a temporary fix to any problem with the best available resources around you. Jugaad is, if you’ve ever happened to use your front camera as a mirror while shaving, a plastic bottle with holes as a sprinkler or a cycle lock to keep your slippers safe while you spend those couple of minutes conversing with the Almighty. We know for a fact that we Indians, call this technique of quick fixes or as we may say shortcuts – Jugaad.

It is creative.


It’s funny at times.

It’s smart.

We take pride in it. 

Indians are phenomenal when it comes to Jugaad and we have a solution to every problem in the best possible way. Nothing can beat us at our creativity and our logics of solving problems.