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Boeing Reveals Its Future's Interior With Celestial Display And It's Awesome AF

Boeing's aeropane of the future boasts of sleek screens and LED light displays, along with the doors that raise from the floor to the ceiling. The Chicago-based manufacturer has made efforts for displaying celestial display, and entertainment enhancing screens, that also lightens the mood of the passengers and lulls them to sleep. Check out this interior of the future now- Via Dailymail

Curved entertainment screens

It has also planned to increase the entertainment factor by installing curved screens that would show flight details and celestial displays, in order to lighten the mood of its passengers.

Lighting concepts unknown

The particulars of the lighting are unknown, but it is surely remarkable as shown by a computer-generated video.

Seating arrangement

In terms of the seating, the first class and business class would enjoy an exuberant seating experience while the economy class will still be seated as many as 10 across.

The lush seating experience

The economy class doesn't look much different

The screen as a mirror of the zenith

This ceiling panel displaying the starry sky and paving the way for a sound sleep.

In the backdrop of a large screen

This bar is for the business and the first class passengers, with the backdrop of a screen.

This effect for the mood lightning

Lie-flat seats in the upper classes are a treat, too.

Commercial Airplanes Product Development division

The engineers in this division is working on these features.

High Definition screen

This high definition screen can be seen with this seat which has been demarcated by the use of a wall.

Central bar boasts of a screen

The central bar boasts of a screen which can be used to display scenes from the destination or a welcome message.

Useful information for the passengers

"These ceiling projections could be scenes found in nature or helpful information for passengers projected on the walls and bulkheads. Airlines could use these lighting enhancements on the walls and bulkheads to display information about the destination or to project scenes that get passengers thinking about where they’re going. The possibilities are endless about how this technology could be used", says Mike Sinnett, the division’s vice-president of product development.