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This Poor Dog Was Abused Horribly Until...

Horribly abused dog, Rudy the Pitbull, was brought to the New York City animal shelter in November 2015 when he was found in horrible shape in a plastic bucket. He had several burn wounds on his skin that were caused by battery acid and he couldn't walk due to a broken front leg. He was also suffering from Cushings syndrome which wasn't treated for.  The director for the animal shelter said that it broke her heart to watch Rudy in such a bad shape but they took care of him very well. 

Rudy was in horrible shape.

He was physically as well as emotionally traumatized because of what his previous owners did to him.

It was a miracle that he survived.

Since he got to the shelter, he's been enjoying his spa baths which are medicated to help his skin and fur heal naturally.

He has been living in a foster home now.

His new foster family are veterinarians so they are aware of his condition and know how to take care of him. They have other animals in their home so he gets to stay in a loving company.

Rudy still has a loving attitude.

He has been nothing but an adorable dog since the time he entered the shelter. During his stay, he has been friendly towards other humans and playful as well.