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6 Cute Posters That Show The True Meaning Of Love

Don't hide your feelings from the ones you care about. Life is too short to hide your feelings. If you take too long to tell them, you might miss the chance, forever.P.S. Don't hold back your feelings, express them now!The beautiful posters telling the same are made by WittyFeed and inspired by Pascal Campion Art.

As you don't fall in love with everyone

Yes, they are special, no doubt in it.

Just a 5 mins talks with them feels right..

They are the reason behind your smile

If you rant on them, they don't mind. In fact, they will try to make you laugh even if they are not best at it. For them, all just matter is your precious smile.

They accept you as the way you are

Even your flaws don't bother them.

Your music is my solution

Your whole day's stress just gets disappeared when you listen to their music.

A woman shouldn't sacrifice her life in serving others..

..she shouldn't restrict herself to the chains of society. You have your individual identification, and they understand it very well.