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7 Heart Touching Posters That Perfectly Illustrate Parental Love

Parents are the one who made every single bit of us. When we were new to the world, they made it the most familiar one by teaching what to adopt from it and what not to. They taught us differentiating between right and wrong. They took all pain and tensions on their head to make their kids' life easy going one.Whatever I say for PARENTS will always be less as their love and care will always be beyond anyone's word. These posters made by Wittyfeed made me realise the importance of Parental love.

Heart touching truth

Your mother's eye was left watery when she saw you walking for the first time.

You dream was their dream

Your parents found a new dream when you told them about your dream.

Made you strong

They made you strong enough to fight every odd came in between your path.

Your first drawing..

..looked like a masterpiece to them.


..now, you have forgotton your old needy parents

When you grew up

You loved your life living alone and excluded your parents from your every dream of your life.