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Amy Winehouse's Mother Reveals Shocking Facts About Her Death

The late Amy Winehouse was a fantastic British singer who made the whole world swoon with her beautiful voice. However, she was also met with criticism because of her drug addiction. Still, her death proved that the goodness of Amy Winehouse outweighed her imperfections. Her Back to Black album was phenomenal, so much so that it was nominated for the Best British Album during the 2007 Brit Awards. Her Back to Black album also became the United Kingdom's top-selling album in the 21st century for some time. In July 2011, Amy Winehouse passed away due to alcohol poisoning. Now, more details have emerged about the singer's final days on Earth. Via

Amy Winehouse's mother speaks out

Janis Winehouse revealed that loving her daughter involved being fearful of losing Amy, and then being happy that Amy is around, and finally facing her daughter's imminent death. The details were told on a new memoir.

Amy had a sweet tooth

Amy Winehouse loved consuming sweets so much that she even attempted to steal some from the synagogue during the Shabbat period.

Always a toxic substance

Because Amy Winehouse had such a troubled yet beautiful life, her mother believed that her daughter never had a clean body that was free from bad substances.

Amy had two nicknames

When Amy Winehouse was a young, adorable kid, she was given nicknames such as Nudge and Hurricane Amy. Isn't that so cute yet fierce at the same time?

Alcohol and lemonade

Janis Winehouse also said that at the young age of 9, Amy was already consuming the Southern Comfort alcohol that was mixed with some lemonade.

Amy might have had Tourette's

Janis believed that Amy could have developed Tourette's syndrome. During her daughter's last days on Earth, Amy would try to cut her face, put off cigarettes by placing them on her cheeks, lost her teeth, and had her bones from her knees appear visible.

Amy died on her bed

The great British singer passed away alone on her own bed in Camden, located in North London.