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Awareness To Reduce Usage Of Poly Bags, Join Us On Bike Ride

Being one of the major non-biodegradable elements, plastic has become a vital issue in the sector of environmental management. I was randomly surfing the internet and found that 8,500,000 tonnes of plastics were consumed in 2007 in India. So, it’s the high time that we totally control the use of plastics. Our one serious attention will save the joys of coming generation.Here comes an inspirational deeds of Indore-based two youths, who have dedicated their life to minimise plastic use from the city. Not only this, they both are doing a lot to bring the positive change in the society. Animal Bird And Civil Development is the organization through which Shailendra Singh Chouhan and Priyanshu Jain are conducting various social activities.

Indore will sooner witness Bike Ride

The programme aims to create awareness to reduce usage of polybags and promote the use of paper/cloth bags. Bike Ride will be held on 26th January 2016.

ABCD is the core organizer of the event and WittyFeed as a media coordinator.

This kind of scenario is seen in most of the Indian cities.

And guess, the side effects. Every living being deserves to live in the clean environment.

Awareness, the need of the time.

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Shailendra and Priyanshu are also doing a lot for the society.

They are helping the needed-ones in many ways.