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These Girls Vs Boys Minimals Are Totally True

We have seen Men Vs Women already but we know we were all born the same. So how did this difference came up in the first place? Well, it should have happened somewhere in between or otherwise it won't make sense. And somewhere in between, they were boys and girls, so we just did a little sneek peek into their behavioural differences and this is what we got.

When you desperately need to keep a secret

When Google needs to add a consoling, sympathizing line before results

Cause I shoot to thrill, and am ready to kill!

Indians will understand the equality before the law

For those who don't, challan is Hindi word for ticket (slip).

That equation actually has multiple solutions

For example, friendzone, bro-zone, dadzone, grand-dadzone, etc.

That is perfectly true to the end of the days