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10 Easy Steps To Get Your Eyebrows On Point, All You Need Is A Stencil

Everyone needs perfect looks and in that, your eyebrows play an important role. Imagine your face without eyebrow, and you will know the difference. Even if you have thin and sparse eyebrows, you can still make it full and as beautiful as you always wanted. Things you need is a brow brush, some wax and brow shadow, and most importantly, a stencil.Here are ten easy steps, and in no time, you will be stand out from the crowd.     Via

1. Eyebrow wax.

The first thing you want to do is create a basecoat for the color you will be applying to your brow. Wax perfectly preps the surface and will help the look last longer.

2. Select a Stencil.

3. Mark a line.

4. Apply color.

Apply your color, fill only first half of your brow.

5. As you can see half done.

6. Fill them fuller.

Reposition the outer part of the stencil over your arch and continue to fill in the rest of the eyebrow.

7. Little touch-up.

You may need to go back with your brush and gently fill in some small spots, focusing on your arch.

8. Make little wider.

If you want a bolder look, simply widen the inner part of your eyebrow or else you can stop here.