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Lauren Goodger Talks About Her Impressive Weight Loss And How She Turned $exier

Trimming down weight for fitness purposes is too rewarding when you know how hard have you been through, and how well have you improved. For "The Only Way Is Essex" British reality drama star Lauren Goodger, her weight loss is  one of her huge milestones. She submitted to a fitness regimen, and the rest is history.Lauren is so proud of the changes, that she showed to the world, especially in social media, how she has developed.Via

Here's the Lauren Goodger we first know

She was brought to the world on the 19th day of September 1986. She's a columnist, model, and singer as we know.

Her struggle to weightloss

Fitness was too rude to her. They were never good friends. Until one day, your star decided to get though something rigorous, to redeem her real beauty.

Look at her now!

Lauren is proud to show her own definition of a sexy body. There's nothing to be ashamed, according to her. In fairness, she admits that her getting-in-shape experiences were too harsh.

Flaunting and flexing

Fairly-toned. Fit and fabulous. The world of Instagram was shaken by her transformation. She, too, did not imagine how she is now.

Her inspiration?

Her overall appearance was off, according to her. Maybe, as a television personality, she knows how important her looks must be.

Sharing her secret

She made a fitness video entitled: "Lauren's OMG Workout". All her secrets are put in here. Her product is available in CDs, sold in online stores and other fitness centers.