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13 Thoughts You Have When Your Boyfriend Is Not Picking Your Call

Girls, I can feel the whirlpool that strikes your mind when your boyfriend doesn't pick your call. Even I have the experience.So what I was sharing with you here is, regarding the thoughts that revolve inside almost every girl's head when they find their partner missing the call. I have compiled a list. Go through it and let me know what I missed to include. Feel free to share your own as well.P.S. Girls find hard to overcome doubts.

1. What might have happened to him?

He drives so carelessly at times. 

2. Is he alright?


3. I wish he is not with his ex.

I don't want that really.

4. Oh, that can happen. I know him well.

God, save me.

5. Silly me, what I am thinking, he is not like that.

He loves me only.

6. But why is he not receiving call?

Baby, pick the call.

7. I am missing him.

I need him right now.

8. What is the matter actually? 

I have to see for it.

9. I won't pardon him this time.

I won't really.

10. He doesn't care me.

Oh, I'm scared.

11. Oh my hell, now I'm sure he is with that bitch.

Yes, damn sure.

12. Why I'm doubting, may be he is on the way to me.

May be with a surprise gift...