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10 Smallest Apartments Of The World You Can Shockingly Live In, #5 Is Pretty Cool

Do you ever think that you have been living in a cramped up apartment? Do you think you need a new place? If you do, you might want to see this. This is the list of the 10 smallest apartments around the globe that will make you rethink about the size of your own house.   Images via static.ilykecdn.com  

1) 140 Sq. Feet, Poland

Speaking of small apartments, 140 sq. feet is extremely small, but the apartment found a right owner. “Extremely small flats are great for people who are Minimalist, who want to enjoy the city life,” says Hanczar. There’s a tiny kitchen (sink) and hidden bathroom, located underneath the bed. The shower and the toilet are pretty much the same things. What looks like a cupboard also has a washing machine.

2) 130 sq feet, Paris

If you look at the picture, one thing is for sure, you'll definitely admire the architecture of the house. Thibaut Ménard, the owner of this space, commented that he noticed new things about the apartment every day. “This studio has been created in a very intelligent and adaptable way of thinking and with plenty of storage space and cupboards, which makes it suitable for each type of situation,” says Ménard.

3) 100 sq feet, Manhattan

If you think this place costs less, then you are about to be proven wrong. The cost of this apartment is $1,110 which is a lot of money for such a small place. It’s interesting that Altenberg is a chef, yet he doesn’t seem to need a kitchen. His dining room is a small tray. Altenberg says, “I do miss having my big kitchen, but I also have a very very giant kitchen at Lincoln Center. The toilet, hunched away in a tiny corner, doesn’t have a barrier to block the smell, and the shower is literally right next to the bed.

4) 90 sq feet, Manhattan

The bed is above the entrance area, saving plenty of space for a “place to hang out and read” and do yoga. There’s also a small office, complete with a desk, a laptop, and plenty of artwork. “I’ve had probably eight or nine people hanging out,” she says of this “quiet” and “cozy” space.

5) 86 sq feet, Paris

Although a very small, but well-constructed apartment. It makes living here easier.

6) 78 sq feet, Manhattan

“I could get a bigger place I guess, but I like the compact nature of it,” says Luke Clark Tyler, the tenant in this apartment. The bed folds up into a couch. Once he flips it up, the room becomes a living room / home office. His “kitchen” is just a tiny refrigerator.

7) 60.5 sq feet, London

The apartment comes with a small kitchen, a bed that converts into a sofa, and a shower which doubles as a wardrobe. There’s also several cabinets, and six-inch deep cupboards. The only downside is that it does not have a window.

8) 40 sq feet, Hong Kong

These spaces are often rented out by more than one person. Looking at the photos, these “apartments” actually look almost like prison cells.

9) 16 sq feet, Hong Kong

If you actually want to live in this apartment, I hope you're not claustrophobic.