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Tutankhamun Nurse's Tomb Is Publicly Opened Now

Terrorism has been affecting the tourism industry of other nations. So, what can these affected countries do to alleviate their problems about getting more customers and visitors overall to develop the economic conditions of the state?In the case of Egypt, they have decided to open a tomb for public viewing. It's not just any other tomb; it's a tomb of the wet nurse named Maia who is apparently the nurse of the great King Tutankhamun. Thus, for the first time, people can now go to Egypt and seemingly look at the rich history that the mummies lived in thousands of years ago. Check the story below to find out more about Maia.Via

The Unveiling Of The Tomb

The tomb of Maia was opened for viewing just several weeks after a Russian plane was bombed during its course from the Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt to the beautiful port city Saint Petersburg located in Russia.

Discovered In 1996

Even though the tomb of Maia was discovered almost 20 years ago, it has only been made free for viewing by the public this year. Even if there are quite some detailed narratives seen from the decorations, Maia is still quite an unknown figure.

In Giza

The tomb of the wet nurse Maia is located in Saqqara, Giza. According to Mamdouh el-Damaty who is the antiquities minister of Egypt, the public unveiling of Maia's tomb is quite a significant event on its own.

First Discovered By A French Man

The tomb of Maia was actually discovered by a French man who was an Egyptologist. His name was Alain Zivie. Moreover, the public viewing is important because it is still related to the current exploration being undertaken in the Valley of Kings where Tutankhamun's tomb is located.

Is The Nurse The Sister?

According to antiquities minister Mamdouh el-Damaty, Maia the nurse might be Meritaten who is Tutankhamun's elder sister. The idea was proposed when a relief found in a different tomb showed Meritaten breastfeeding a child. The child might be King Tutankhamun.

More Investigations To Be Done

In order to verify the identity of the wet nurse Maia, the survey of her tomb and that of King Tutankhamun's tomb will be compared to unlock more of the life held by the ancient Egyptians.

Maia And The King

In one of the images found in Maia's tomb, it could be seen that King Tutankhamun himself was sitting on Maia's lap. Moreover, the name of the king was mentioned more than once in the tomb.

Three Chambers

Maia's tomb has three chambers. The first chamber is all about the wet nurse's life while the second one focuses on the burial rites, as shown by the carvings. The final chamber is not only the largest of the three, but it also has a staircase that leads to the burial chamber of Maia. An exciting discovery, right? Let's hope her full identity becomes unveiled soon.