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Kim Kardashian's Exact Look-Alike Is An Instagram Sensation With Her Pouty Selfies

If you think this is one of the regular pictures of Kim Kardashian, look twice. Meet Kamilla Osman, the Canadian blogger who has stunned the social networking websites because of her stunning resemblance to one of the most talked about celebrity of all times, Kim Kardashian.Kamilla Osman shares a lot of similarities like facial features, figure and presentation with none other than Kim K. She has reportedly stunned her Instagram followers by showing off her similarity with Kim and is becoming popular day by day.Images via Dailymail 

Facial Features

Kamilla is very similar to Kim Kardashian in appearance. Kamilla too has long straight black hair, almond shaped eyes and olive complexion.

Selfie Freak

Just like Kim, she has also mastered in taking selfies, which too, is another similarity.


Kamilla has developed a taste in skin fit skirts and crop tops and shows off her figure in the most obvious nude(Kim) shades.

Other Similarities

Apart from having natural similarities with the famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, who is now a mother of two - North West and Saint West, Kamilla is also a makeup pro.The fashion blogger has further underlined her resemblance with the Kim with her contouring and highlighting tactics. She usually uses neutral shades for contouring and smoky eyes to highlight them.

Popularity Scale

It has not been very long, three months to be precise, since Kamilla has joined Instagram but has quickly become a hit with her sleek bodycon outfits, just like Kim K. She also has more than 70,000 followers with many comments referring her as the "Twin" of Kim Kardashian. Even with Kim being way up with as many as 55 million followers, Kamilla has joined just three months ago and has amassed quite a following.

Kamilla's Posts

Kamilla keeps her followers updated about her beauty routine and recently wrote of having a hydro-facial to make her skin feel brand new and soft. Kamilla has also uploaded pictures with minimal makeup and still looks pretty much like Kim even beneath the makeup layers.

Selfie Opportunist

She is almost as much selfie opportunist like Kim, and uses her trip to gym for selfies. She uploaded a picture in a pouting pose with her water bottle with the caption "Stimulate your mind through working on your body". Kamilla's fans have reportedly compared her with Kim Kardashian and have tweeted about their similarity. She has also retweeted them positively, which means she is liking the compliments.

People react to Kamilla

People have accepted her resemblance to Kim Kardashian and have responded in a positive manner. Comments like "Kim's twin", "Copy Paste Kim" and "Kim, are you there?" are very common. However, Kamilla has also tweeted praising Kim's half-sister Kendall Jenner, 20, which leaves us with a possibility that she might not be that much into Kim.