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Woman Sets Up Instagram Account To Show The Online Harassment Women Face

Women all over the world are the target of great amounts of verbal and physical abuse. Why? Because they are considered as the weaker sex or they probably like to maintain their peace of mind by NOT getting involved with certain douche bags around them.Even then, there will always be some people who won't appreciate the fact that the woman isn't going all full blown mad psycho on you for making the slightest remark on her looks or her character. Here are some screenshots from Instagram shared by an amazing woman who wants to bring the world to notice the struggle faced by women -

Alexandra Tweten has set up an Instagram account so that women all over the world can post about the abuse they face on social media and dating platforms.

"Men are afraid that women might laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." - The sad truth!

How Alexandra came up with the wonderful idea for creating Bye Felipe.

When women aren't interested in going for the second date..

Men tend to think that women 'owe' them the date just because they are interested in the woman.

Because.. #ManMentality

When we're genuinely NOT INTERESTED in making conversation.

And just because we're not interested to speak to you, that DOESN'T give you the right to comment on our character or the fact that we see other guys or call us fat!

Oh and that's one classical reply!


This just makes me sick!

When women refuse to meet or speak to the guy again..

When such messages come out of nowhere!

I mean, are we supposed to listen to every damn thing that comes out of your ugly mouth?!