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Transgender Man To Celebrate Holidays With The Body He Wants

After more than 20 years of 'hiding in the closet', Alex Worthington, a transgender male finally admits his real self more than anyone could normally do--with major physical 'matching'.This twenty-eight-year-old, who was formerly identified as Kelly, decided to undergo such transition of adopting a masculine physique. He admitted the truth about his gender for years now but he didn't know the best way to settle it, he even told to people around him that he's just gay.                     

World, Meet Alex

Stronger and freer than before: it's how Alex shows himself to the world. Living in Birmingham, he is about to fully identify himself a real man.

With his girlfriend

He's happily living with his three-year girlfriend, Cat Preston, who just heard of the revelation last January.

Alex as a child named Kelly

Alex knew that he was not your usual little girl.

He was comfortable being as Kelly

He's as young Kelly was more comfortable having a tom boy personality that girly, and he didn't look up much to feminine garments and toys.

Before the 'just trapped' realization

Alex settled to in a gay gender status during her 20s. He stressed that up to that point in his life, living was full of perplexity and concealment. He hates seeing himself dressed as a woman, so he tried to wear shirts and trousers more often. He even cut his hair short. Before, he felt totally restricted.

Coming out and living it up

Things came up, then he decided to confess. Coming out was not easy. Telling the truth to his girlfriend Cat and his family gave them confusion at first; but after explaining the real deal, results and support from them became overwhelming.

Being true to himself came out to be his most memorable Christmas present. Alex will start testosterone injections in 2016 to develop his manly features. A major operation involving his genitals will be carried out soon in the coming year.