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This Is Why Kate Winslet Of "The Holiday" Is The Girl You Will Always Fall For

Iris Simpkins, Kate's character in The Holiday (2006), has always been that one character I have fantasized. No, not just because Kate is an evergreen Goddess of beauty, but because of the aura that her character created.I will love to spend the better half of my life with Iris and so will you, after reading this story. 

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

Amanda and Iris are facing tumultuous relationships, and that's when they met each other online. They decided to swap each other's home through couch surfing. Now, it really takes a brave soul to do that.

Iris has the cutest cottage I have ever seen.

Oh yes, I never saw such a beautiful cottage even in television. The sweet, small and perfectly carved cottage she lived in was a beauty.

Solo travelling was her thing.

The thought of a girl travelling solo to a foreign place makes me instantly infatuated with that girl. Here, the girl was none other than the beautiful and independent Iris.

She understands a heartbreak.

She will not try and make a mockery out of the relationship turmoil she might be going through.

The apple of my eye.

The interior of her home, the choices of furniture and cutleries told about her class.

She won't give up on love so easily.

She will not end up crying. In fact, she will pull her socks, tighten her belt and walk like a lady to greet life with open arms.