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8 WWE Stars Who Totally Deserve To Be On The WWE Hall Of Fame List

Wrestlemania means that it’s time for the Annual Hall of Fame roster. However from the past few years, WWE has started to make the Hall of Fame business a mess. There have been a few entries into the Hall of Fame which don’t deserve to be there. Some Hall of Fame stars haven’t even made to the ring itself! Some of the stars who actually deserve to be in the list are actually not. Here is a list of 10 such superstars who need to be put up in the Hall of Fame roster immediately. 

Davey Boy Smith

Daven Boy has had one of the most successful runs in the WWE history. He fought with some of the biggest names of WWE and even defeated a few of them. He deserves to be on the roster and we may see this name being in the Hall of Fame in the next few years.

Beth Phoenix:

Beth was a big name in the entertainment industry. She started her career as one of the few divas who concentrated on the fight instead of fashion. She was the first female wrestler to be a part of the royal rumble. And that’s not it, she even eliminated The Great Khali in the match!

Hardy Boys:

The Hardy Boys changed the face of Tag-Team competitions back in their days. They won most of their matches and fought with amazing skills. However, they are not a part of the WWE hall of fame. Currently, they are fighting at the TNA.

Rob Van Dam:

Rob Van Dam was known for his laid-back attitude and amazing skills. He was the first WWE as well as ECW champion. However, he failed to make it to the hall of fame. The WWE should really consider this name for the coming years.

Kurt Angle:

Kurt Angle was one of the most famous superstars of his era. He showed amazing skills inside and outside the ring. But he met with an injury so severe that he could not make his way back to the ring. He is one of the very few superstars who deserve to have a place in the Hall of Fame than anyone else.

Rey Mysterio:

Rey Mysterio ended his career from the WWE in 2015. However he did not end his career on great terms with the federation, he is one of the few superstars who have sacrificed their entire life for wrestling. He deserves enough to be in the Hall of Fame.


A famous name when it comes to the world of wrestling entertainment. He won every possible title in the WWE. However, he had a severe brain injury which made it difficult for him to come back.