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Leonardo DiCaprio Might Miss Oscar Again For An Unbelievable Reason

Leonardo DiCaprio, the heart throbber, who has gifted Hollywood with many epic performances in again in the race for Oscars. There's been talk in the Hollywood about him finally winning his long-awaited Oscar for the movie The Revenant. However, the air seems to be changing for him now.

He might Just miss on an Oscar this time again

And the reason behind this is a kid.

The doorknob that'll win an Oscar!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been delivering one stunning performance after another, and the world is waiting for him to win an Oscar. But it looks like the wait is going to be a little longer than it already is, because of this young prodigy who has taken the world of acting by storm.

An unknown level of method acting

Dylan Scale's performance as a real-life doorknob in his Nativity play is popularly honoured and praised as one of the greatest performances of all time! "Robert De Niro should hang his head in shame. His performance in Goodfellas is embarrassing compared to this." "Jack Nicholson could learn a thing or two from this kid." These are the kind of things the parents in the audience have been heard to say!

Should Dylan bag the award?

Dylan's brother, Garrett, says that Dylan is always excited about any role he lands in, and rehearse with much dedication, no matter how silly the role is. He is said to have rehearsed 3 or 4 times a week for the doorknob's role, and would even practice at home. Garrett thinks that his brother stands a good chance to bag an Oscar.