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10 Iconic Christmas Movie Classics To Watch This Holiday Season With Your Family

Snow, gifts, hope, cakes, great food and carols: all remind us of Christmas. Christmas is indeed the most beautiful time of the year. We all love the day when Santa Claus comes and gives us loads of gifts ( we better hope our wish is fulfilled). Movies are the best form of entertainment we know. And what happens when you mix Christmas and movies? Pure bliss. As you may have seen, there are some brilliant movies made during or about the indoor tree festival!  Here's the list of 10 awesome Christmas movies. You can totally catch on to them if you haven't seen them yet. Sources: amc.com , imdb.com    

1. Home Alone

The kid who is left at home in New York (we all wish we were there) is happy to get rid of his family. Soon he feels sick to be alone and realizes the importance of the family while battling thieves trying to steal everything from his house. Cheers to Macaulay Culkin for great acting.

2. Elf

This movie is about finding your true elf, oh I mean self. Here, Will Ferrell is in search of his real identity after being raised on the North Pole. Also, Tyrion Lannister is present in the movie!

3. A Christmas Carol

Based on the book of the same by the author Charles Dickens comes this wonderful story that is set in the Victorian era.

4. A Christmas Story

Can you convince everyone around you that a Red Ryder B.B. gun is the perfect gift for Christmas? If not, watch this film for ideas.

5. The Santa Clause

Everybody's Christmas can be ruined, but hey, we cannot let that happen. We make the killer work as Santa rather.

6. Frosty The Snowman

This movie captures all our favorite Christmas songs. Tell me that isn't wonderful!

7. White Christmas

A song-and-dance team falls in love with a sister act and team up to save the Vermont inn.

8. Rudolph-The red nose reindeer

The reindeer that went down in history as Santa's favorite has to save the Christmas day from the evil queen who tries to ruin it.

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown, the small animated character sets out to find the meaning of Christmas.