10 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Book Lovers. #6 Is Awesome

I am hell of a bookworm. The scent of old books, the touch of the hardbound cover and feeling as if I am one of the characters of the story makes me wanna fall in love with reading, over and over again. And I would appreciate if someone would gift me a book, wait. Not 'a' book, a lot of books (the list would provided if you ask for it) and you would enjoy all the perks of a bestie. Source: Boredpanda

1. Leather book cover phone case.

And hence you cannot separate a bookworm from books.

2. Book decals for stairs.

I would have a different list of books on my staircase. But I love the idea.

3. When you are reading a brand new book...

..read it with the old book smell.

4. Book-shaped bed

When you fall asleep reading a book and when your bed itself is a giant book.

5. Invisible Bookshelf.

Amazing! I would rather keep it myself. Why even gift it!

6. Pillows shaped like books.

..for the times when you fall asleep reading a book, dreaming about it.

7.Bookrest, The enlightened one.

worth $85.

8. Perfect companion while you travel.

$19 at Gifted Penguin.