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Beyonce And Britney's Backup Dancer Is Showcasing Punch Moves In MMA

We have seen several instances where a backup dancer turned into an actress, as was the case with Jennifer Lopez. But, have you ever heard of a female backup dancer turning into a professional MMA player?  Meet this woman and witness it for the first time.

Teri London, 29

She is the backup dancer who has now decided to join MMA and has started training hard for it.

Lingerie Fighting Championship (LFC)

Made on the verge of UFC MMA, Lingerie Fighting showcases women clad in $exy lingeries fighting raw matches. The sight of injuries and bloodied noses are quite common.

Backup dancer to Beyonce and Britney Spears

Teri says that her fighting and dancing careers require the same amount of dedication and discipline to follow every day.

"Feisty Fists"

This is the nickname that she has "earned", matches after active participation.