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This Time Lapse Video Shows How China's Beauty Stereotypes Changed In The Period Of Hundred Years

Beauty standards and stereotypes are ever changing and are never the same. The changes occur because of collective social alterations, there can be a new celebrity trend or new thinking of the modern women.  China has always been the frontier in establishing huge changes around the world. It has basically been the trendsetter and this is how its beauty standards were impacted during the past hundred years. Via 

Women preferred simplicity in this era, split bangs, low bun and no make up.

Hollywood silent films had a major influence during this period. Short wavy bob, matte red lipstick, and chandelier earrings were in vogue.

The Shanghai Girl trend was the main choice of the ladies. The same red lip color, low bun and baby bangs.

After the WWII, style was more westernized and bangs were out of fashion.

Communist leader Mao Zedong established the sun-tanned girl into a beauty standard to encourage the hard working peasant girl look

Women got more political rights which is presented by a military cap, braids and no make up.

After Mao died in 1976, more western trends came into the scene

Capitalism gave heed to western culture. This is represented by a perm and glasses

School girl look with short bob and a head band was in

Women kept it classy with a tight bun and minimal makeup