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The Way You Wear A BRA Reveals Intimate Details About Personality

How you dress up, tells about your personality. But this new discovery is more than shocking as it makes you wonder about the way you put on a bra. According to the discovery, your way of putting on a bra can estimate the kind of a person you are!  Wearing a bra is certainly a cumbersome task, if you are in a hurry you can actually get stuck in the puzzle of hooking it up. And it's certainly not less than a Rubik's cube, teen girls would know the struggle.  

1. Clasping in the back

You are a Supporter i.e. you follow the tradition and go with the flow. You are a social person and a good listener too. But you don't like change. Well, that sums it up, after all you are a connoisseur at this task so, you definitely are very particular about everything around you.

2. The front-claspers

You are Driver or basically a smart worker. You are efficient, and you know the value of time. You know how to get things done but fear losing control. You go, girl!

3. Fastening at front then turning it around

You love to keep up with the trend and you look your best all the time. You like to be challenged, noticed and appreciated. Tough girl who likes to shine bright like a diamond! Though you get bored very easily.

4. Fastening it then sliding over your head

A Careful Collector, yes that's you, doing things the right way from the start, always analyzing the situation before making a move although you kinda avert from fame you are more of a shy person.