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These Racist and Shocking Photos Of Kylie Jenner Will Definitely Offend You

Kylie Jenner is often seen making headlines, but not all are for the right reasons. And here she is again, doing what she does the best - making headlines, but this time, it's for one of those wrong reasons. The headline right now is for the offensive photos of her which have stirred up the general population into rage against her. Check it out!

Being offensive

Kylie Jenner posing in a golden wheelchair for an interview magazine.

Awesome Twitter users respond

Response from other Twitter users was quick, who immediately posted a photo of a model with the real disability, Jillian Mercado.

Offensive? Or weird?

Here's another photo from the interview shoot, and we're not really sure if it's scandalous or plain weird.

Not the first time though

This is not the first time people have been offended by Kylie's choice of portraying herself in photo-shoots. In this one, she was accused of being offensive for putting on a black face.

Quickly shifting to defense-model

The one constant thing

Headlines come and go, and if there's one thing constant, it's this: Kylie knows how to keep appearing in newer and surprising looks and forms.

Barbarian ninja!

She has even dressed up and posed as some sort of a blood-thirsty ninja once, and the ninjas found it offensive. Ok, just kidding - no one was mad about that!