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Kid Uses A Hidden Camera To Catch Santa And What Gets Recorded Is Astonishing

Like us, the 7-year-old, Evan too was quite curious to know about Santa Clause dropping presents for the kids under the tree on Christmas eve. To kill his curiosity, his parents told him that Santa usually does it when everyone else falls asleep. But, he wasn't satisfied with their answer. He was smart enough so he took his elder brother's GoPro Camera. Then, with the help of his brother he placed the camera at a hidden place so that he can see whether Santa actually comes and then what does he do. What happens next will astonish you too. Via: Youtube

This is what happened next morning after Christmas Eve.

As the boy woke up in the morning, he ran to check the recording and switched on the system. But, he was disappointed when he found nothing in the beginning.

But, suddenly something astonished him

Look in the next picture, what was that?

See, the picture closely

Did you notice something? Even the boy saw this and look at his expression he is so shocked seeing all this.

Santa's entry made him so happy and excited

After, entering the room, Santa picked up the Cappuccino cup and drink it. See, what he does next?

He just snapped his fingers and something amazing happened

See, so many stars and glitters generated just with the snap of his fingers and even a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. And, all this made the boy feel out of the world.