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6 Things Rimi Sen Revealed After Her Elimination From Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss is not just a show, it's an entire peep into human psychology. Bigg Boss is one of the highest rated Hindi reality shows. But the Bigg Boss house is not for everyone, as clearly proved by one of the most popular contestants of the latest season of the show - Rimi Sen. Here are 6 things Rimi Sen revealed after her elimination from Big Boss.

1) Realization of not being cut out for Bigg Boss

Rimi Sen, now finally out of the Bigg Boss house, reveals her inability to adjust to the restricted environment of the house. She credits her patience as being the reason of not letting herself into any fights. She says that it has been such an experience that she can now be exposed to any difficult situation, and handle it well. The show has taught her not to take relationships for granted.

2) Wants to apologise to Salman Khan

Rimi Sen never thought of winning the game. In fact, she just wanted to gain experience. At the earlier stages, she thought the show was scripted. But later she realized it was all real.She feels sorry for disappointing Salman Khan and appreciates him for encouraging her. She really feels sorry for not able to entertain the viewers and urges to have a pardon of Salman Khan.

3) Some explaining to do

She explains that she had no intention of presenting Indian women in a bad light. She just wanted to prove that she never wants to get into a fight with an aggressive person. According to her, Rochelle and Mandana are the lady Prince-Suyyash of Bigg Boss house.

4) Positive-minded Rima Sen

She doesn't fear her behavior in Bigg Boss will affect her Bollywood career. She is positive it will all work out well.

5) Unknowingly fell into the group

She didn't want to be part of any group intentionally. She was paired up with Suyyash initially, and Kishwer being his girlfriend, became her friend. In fact, even after the show, she says they will remain friends.

6) Priya won't mind slitting throats to win

'From all the wildcard entries, I think Rishabh is very entertaining and fun to be with. Priya, I feel won't even mind slitting anyone's throat to win the competition. She has entered the 'Bigg Boss' house to win. Kanwaljeet is also quite witty,' that's what she said!