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The Knitted Nail Art Is The Latest Fashion Trend For Girls This Winter

We always had a pledge to enjoy the winters but, now, our nails will also enjoy the coziness and joy of winters by covering them up in a warm knit. The latest nail art gives a woolen knit texture to nails. The 'sweater nail' technique is done by the application of gel nail polish delicately in a cable and a knitted pattern. Beauty blogger Vena Peneda, recommends 3D gel as it is thicker than the normal gel nail polish. Check out some of these knitted nail art and learn how to make it on your nails.

Walk in the winter's wonderland.

Love is everywhere, you just need to find it.

Give some sparkling touch to your nails.

Nails wearing tiny sweaters.

Cold winter nail art will fill the warmth in your heart.