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Singer's Fight With Cancer Took A Tragic Turn When Her Husband Said This

Cancer is the disease that spares none. Be it the riches or the poor, sportspersons or celebrities, many famous people have unexpectedly suffered from this spine-chilling disease. The disease not only puts a lot of financial pressure over you, but it also breaks you from inside. The recent case of Joey Feek getting diagnosed with Cancer proved the suffering very well! Source: Lifetable 

#1 Joey and Rory Feek during their happy days!

Joey went down with Cancer and her struggle went viral over the internet.

#2 The blog that shares their real time updates!

She has a 21-months-old daughter Indiana, who is so much in need of a mother. The struggle that she is following and the fight she has put up is tough enough to be appreciated.

#3 Her husband believes that she is as brave as no other can be!

He is amazed to see the will to fight that his wife is showing!

#4 Cancer is not ready to give up!

With the passing days, her condition only seems to deteriorate!

#5 They are just so positive. Hats off!

So, they have denied feeling any low or diseased!

#6 Posing with her little Angel!

They are very careful while putting anything up on social media as they don't want their well-wishers to stop hoping for the betterment of her health!

#7 He then said something unexpected!

Rory Feek said something very shocking recently. He accepted that his wife's condition has gone worse and the time is running out of their hands. But, God has given them enough strength to face the reality happily.