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20 Most Surprising Facts About Bruce Lee You Are Unaware Of!

Bruce Lee, the name needs no introduction. I was just a kid when I used to hear a lot about this name from almost everyone. His name is synonymous to any self-defense art form due to the fact that he is the father of fighting. Although, the whole of his life can be seen on TV or read in articles, there is a lot to his life that we are unaware of. Read to the last picture to be amazed!

#1 He was a bad driver!

As far as Bruce lee's closest friends are concerned, he was not at all good as a driver.

#2 Bruce Lee had a bad eye-sight!

He was near-sighted and was one of the very first persons on earth to try a contact lens.

#3 He was a champion cha-cha dancer!

He won that competition while in school.

He used to lie to take Wing Chun lessons and has never really learned Karate!

He had this habit to tell every student that its an off from the class

#5 He used to practise 5000 punches a day!

This was the reason behind his impeccable strength and pace!

#6 He could puncture cans with his fingers!

This was the power of his accuracy.

#7 Bruce beat up Jackie Chain and Chuck Norris!

Bruce was a trainer and each one of his students is quite popular now!

#8 He suffered from Epilepsy as a child!

It is a chronic disorder leading to neurological problems as well.

#9 Bruce had sweat glands removed from his armpits!

These were surgically removed in 1972 after Bruce felt they are not needed.

#10 He failed a military physical test!

He was rejected by US Army Draft board sighting his bad eyesight!

#11 Bruce wasn't handy at "other" works!

Ask Bruce to complete household works and he was just opposite a superb person.

#12 He was good at sketching!

You can find a series of his beautiful sketches on the internet!

#13 Famous for his flying kick, Bruce was called "Little Dragon"

He was born on the Chinese Year of the Dragon, on the Day of the Dragon, on the hour of the Dragon!

#14 His father was his first trainer!

So yes, he had a very influential father!

#15 His death is a mystery!

An overdose of Cannabis to poisoning by envious groups, there are many theories over the counter trying to prove the reason behind his early death!

#16 Bruce had a library of 2000 books!

He was an avid book reader too!

#17 He wanted to fight Muhammad Ali!

It's sad that his wish never came true! We would have loved to see the fight of the century!

#18 When Time Magazine acknowledged him!

He was included in the Top 100 most influential people in the world.

#19 He was unable to swimming!

His younger brother revealed that Bruce did not know how to swim!