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5 Spot-On Signs That'll Help You Know If Her Jugs Are Real Or Fake

At times, when you're checking out girls' breasts and find yourself asking whether they're real or fake, this piece may come in handy. Check out these simple signs that'll help you know which ones are real and which ones fake!

1. Too high

If you see someone with a chest that’s a bit higher than usual, they're probably fake.

2. Too round

They're supposed to be tear-shaped, not round.

3. Scars

You may sometimes see scars that'll give away the truth!

4. Closeness

Fakes are closer together than real ones.

5. The sounds

They sound like a waterbed. The sloshing noise you hear comes from air that gets into the pocket, and additional liquid or saline that the surgeon may have placed in the pocket during surgery.