On In

'I am in love with this dress' Expression

'Why din't I do cool stuff?' Expression.

'Why did you wake me up' Expression

'I am going to kick his ass' Expression

'You call that a Joke?' Expression

'I am carefree, no matter what' Expression

'I am sorry, really' Expression

'Why is she so over-expressive' Expression

'I will come out by myself' Expression

'Why Should I smile every time?' Expression

'How did I get here' Expression

'What...!! What happened Last Night?' Expression

'She is extremely irritating' Expression

'I am too lazy to scratch my left cheek' Expression

'I Hate everything Healthy' Expression

'It was amazing Fun' Expression

'I Kissed Who?' Expression

'I am messed up, how do I get out?' Expression

'Watch me. I will completely Screw him' Expression

'Because I am happy..' Expression