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What If Your Bra Could Text? #7 Is So True!

Bra or a 'boob jail', whatever you like to call it ladies, you can't do without them either! Even though they can be a bit of a hassle at times and they seem uncomfortable, you can't do anything about it. And yes, we've got bra hacks fro you too! Here are some weirdly real text messages you would receive from your bra if they could text -      

1. Oops, accidentally dropping food incidents

Happens almost all the time!

2. "Hello, Ambulance? I think I'm having a heart attack! Oh, wait, no, I'm ok now, it was just my bra trying to kill me!"

3. Aw, the pain.

4. Bra aka creepy stalker lol

5. An honest confession

So when does that happen?!

6. Just showing how filthy you can be!


Bra, would you cut it out already?

8. Note to self - Remember to wear transparent straps next time!

9. Not making any comments on this one.

I think there's a bit of an ego problem arising out here after so many years of providing 'support'.