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Jessica Rabbit Version Of Heidi Klum Turned Out To Be A Nightmare On Halloween

Heidi Klum has got the title of Halloween costume master and everyone was eager to see her look for the Halloween bash. But we were not at all prepared for her frightening Jessica Rabbit transformation. She put everyone else to shame by wearing the most terrifying costume at the Halloween bash. Read the story to know how she managed to become a live-action version of the “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” siren Jessica Rabbit.    

1) No one had any clue about what she was planning to wear on Halloween

She tried to look hot but it turned out to be a disaster.

2) Being a sexy dream girl in animated form!

It is pretty hard for her to maintain her sex symbol image now.

3) She underwent the drastic transformation process to get Jessica Rabbit look.

The German-born star captured her incredible metamorphosis into the cartoon character from 80s film Who Framed Roger Rabbit

4) Heidi Klum attending the 16th Annual Halloween Party

The mum-of-four, 43, spent the day having prosthetics applied by three make-up artists to her face and body, adding larger than life pouting lips, breasts and an accentuated derriere.

5) Fresh faced Heidi before her transformation

6) After covering herself with sticky casting goo completely from head to toe and wearing a mask, she became absolutely unrecognizable.

7) Then she opted for shaping and makeup.

8) She got her body molded to get some extra inhuman curvature.

She took so much of pain to earn this looks.