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This Strict Teacher Had A Secret. When The Students Discovered It, They Were Shocked!

We all have that dark room inside us in which we keep our secrets, that room cannot be accessed by anyone else except us. But, what if someday someone unlocks the door of that room, gets in, and discovers the most protected secret of yours. A similar thing happened with Jim O' Conner, a math teacher at St. Francis High School, California. The students knew the 70-year-old Vietnam veteran as strict and boring. What they discovered about him changed the way they looked at him forever. Source: elitereaders, CBS News

Jim O' Conner

He is a math teacher at St. Francis High School in La Cañada, California. It is a Catholic prep. school for boys in suburban Los Angeles.

His Students describe him as a very strict, tough and boring teacher.

Students had no more expectations until this past November when they discovered something about their teacher that came across as a huge shock to them.

The Secret.

Senior Pat McGoldrick was in charge of the student blood drive and visited the children's hospital in Los Angeles for a meeting. When Pat walked into the blood donor centre, he was stunned by noticing Jim O' Conners name at the top of the record holder for the blood donated.

Meet the 'Baby Cuddler'.

Pat learned something even more unbelievable. Actually Jim cuddled kids, three days a week for past 20 years when he was not torturing students with calculus, stepping in when parents can't.

“TLC Volunteer” at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Jim visits patients who need a little extra care because they are lonely, fussy, scared or have no parents. Only 550 volunteers have been given the TLC designation, which is reserved for the most seasoned helpers.