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Your Favorite Bra Type Reveals A Lot About Your Personality!

We already knew that a woman's breast size can reveal a plenty of information about her age and fertility. But, till now we were not at all aware that the supporter of our breast i.e. a bra that comes in different variety, shapes and sizes can also reveal about our personality.  Ya, you heard it right, the type of bra you wear can tell a lot about your character and nature. Here is a list of bra styles that will reveal a lot about you.

1. Convertible Bra

Girls who wear convertible bra love to make people around them comfortable and can even sacrifice things for making them happy. They also can tackle any difficulty coming on their way very easily.

2. Lace Bra

Girls who wear lace bra are friendly and detailed. Their honesty and openness attract guys.

3. Sports Bra

Girls who prefer sports bra are of active and healthy type. They love to set a goal in their life and try to achieve them with full determination. They don't care about what people around them think and are always ready to accept critiques or comments.

4. Corset Bra

These girls have tons of energy to share with others and their zeal to look perfect make them more of a show-off girl.

5. Padded Bra

Girls who wear the padded bra are more intellectual and pragmatic. They always look for the perfect solution to a problem. They don't like to show off much. Comfort is the first thing for them.

6. Racerback Bra

Girls preferring racer back bra are more traditional and practical type, but still like to come out with trends. They are really good at putting a modern twist on things. They love to feel relaxed and comfortable. The best part of these girls are that they are very positive even in pressure.

7. Front hook Bra

Those who wear front hook bra seek convenience. They believe more in shortcuts.

8. Underwire Bra

Underwire bra helps to tone down the sassiness a bit. Girls who wear underwire bra always look for help from others, and they expect their friends to be there with them when needed. They are the perfect mix of 'fun & sweetness.'