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She Wanted To Have $ex With A Woman, But What She Did Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Ladies be a little alert and don't talk to anyone who approaches you. These days, people pretend to be what they are not actually. And when we come to know about the reality, we are been cheated till then. Recently, something shocking happened with a single mom when a woman pretended to be a man by wearing Bodysuit and a sex toy. Let us know the whole story. Via: Mirror      

Meet Kyran Lee, 25, formerly known as Fiona Manson, used a false internet identity.

She pretended to be a "tanned, muscular young man" known as Joey G-Star Chris low and claimed to have a child. Firstly she reached the victim's Facebook profile and then came lots of chats and presents with the victim.

The victim complained to the police :

She said: "I suppose I loved her. I spoke to her as someone else - Joey. I wanted to meet her as a man because I loved her. I didn't do anything sexual with her when I first met her. I didn't want to. It was only after she told me that the relationship couldn't continue unless I did have a sexual relationship with her. I loved her. She loved me. She wanted me to do things I didn't want to. She said the relationship couldn't carry on unless I did."

Lee pleaded guilty to a count of assault by penetration at Lincoln Crown Court.

Lee denied two charges and was cleared by a jury at Lincoln Crown Court following a seven days trial. She admitted using a male identity but said that sex did not take place with the second woman. Lee was granted bail and is to be sentenced later this year for the assault by penetration charge. Lee told the jury that she began to question her sexual identity from the age of 11. I'm not sure whether to be sad or outraged by this. What do you think? Please SHARE your views in the comments.