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How To Look Like A Gentleman On Every Occasion, Impress People By These Tips

Manliness should never be determined on the scale of the fights a man has been in or the number of girls one has dated. Most men around the world are living with the misconception of relating manliness with only muscle power and dominant attitude. On a lighter note, let's talk about how a man should dress. The dressing sense says a lot about your personality and life choices, so take a note on this and follow the simple rules and styling tips to look like a man on any occasion.  Source: Artofmanliness 

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Formal and boring business interview will strict you to certain rules whereas a casual job interview will give your creativity an upper hand. Then too, the startup wears beat every other code!

I was doing this wrong from a lifetime!

Just hold the bottom of the sleeve and fold it above elbows. Now again, roll the bottom and take it above. elbows. This way, your sleeves will not slide down.

The Italian way!

A step-by-step guide to what is explained above.

No break shows some perfection!

It makes you look more accurate with your own needs.

Dating tips!

So, all you have to do is to just decide on the type of your date and you can choose your attire from the picture above.

The image says it all!

And yeah the sloppy style can work for cool startups out there.

Here comes the one-stop guide!

So yes, follow these evergreen rules to enhance your personality.