10 Amazing Facts About Tiffany Trump You Didn’t Know, # 8 Is A Secret

Fingers in too many pies.


Tiffany Trump is the youngest daughter and fourth child of US President Donald Trump. She is the least talked about offspring of Donald Trump when it comes to political news. However, she came strongly in support of her father during his presidential campaign when he was being targeted by the media. 

Tiffany Trump is known for her extravagant life, adventures and fun life. She gained a lot of followers on social media during her father’s campaign and election to the post of President.  In fact, she shot to limelight once Donald Trump publically announced his candidature. 

Her big moment came when she gave a speech at the National Republican Convention in Cleveland supporting her father. She was given the prime time slot right after the speech by Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor. 

Here are some lesser known facts about Tiffany Trump.