Albert Einstein Had Written A Quote And Placed It Inside A Time Capsule To Be Opened In 6939

What did Einstein say? 


In September 1939, at the New York World's Fair, an 800-pound capsule made of copper, chromium and silver called 'Cupaloy' was lowered almost 50-feet down the ground at Flushing Meadows, Corona Park.

The capsule had 35 daily household items that you'd usually find in any one's home. Some of the things, which were put in the capsule included few copies of Life Magazines, Cigarettes, 75 types of fabrics, metals, plastics, contemporary art, news records, seeds of wheat, corn, soy, alfalfa. It also included a 'Micro-film' that has over ten million words, thousand pictures, and a small microscope viewing all of these.

The 1939 capsule was filled with an inert nitrogen gas to keep the contents safe for at least next 5,000 years, that is 6939 to be exact. 

Apart from this stuff, this capsule contained a special message from a celebrated scientist and physicist Albert Einstein.