Akshay Kumar's Daughter Is Already A Martial Arts Champ, And He Has A Message For All Girls Out There

He gave his message through a video on Instagram...


Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest actors that we have in Bollywood. For as long as he's been in the limelight and known to us, he has endorsed fitness, and in particular, encouraged people to take up martial arts. He is himself a martial artist and has passed on his craze for the art to his children as well. His son, Aarav, is already a long way into the martial arts course, and now, his daughter, Nitara, is also about to begin her journey into the martial artist's world. 

But Akshay doesn't want her to be the only one to start this journey. As always, Akshay took the opportunity to connect with his fans through social media, and once again, encouraged them to take up martial arts. He posted a cute video of his daughter trying to deliver some punches as well, and if a child trying to start training isn't motivation enough, then what is?

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