Meet Ajitabha Bose, the Man Behind the Trend of Pocketbooks in India

He is also a national record holder.  

Bringing a change, fighting the orthodox and setting the trend is never easy. One has to face a lot many challenges and often failures before coming out with a victory. The recent example of this is the bestselling author, Ajitabha Bose.

Ajitabha Bose came out with a unique idea of publishing pocketbooks, books that are as small as a pocket diary. But as I mentioned above, bringing a change is not a piece of cake. For Ajitabha, it was an unusual yet fantastic idea, but for publishers, it was a flop one.   

His journey from a pile of rejections to becoming one of the country's bestsellers that is what I have for you all today. So, if you're a budding writer or anyone whose purpose is to do something remarkable, I hope Ajitabha's story inspires you.