7 Different Raids that Shook India

IT department hit gold post demonetisation.

Money is not everything but has the power to buy almost anything. Every nation faces the problem of black money and aims to cease the circulation of the same. 

Remember when PM Modi announced demonetisation to eliminate black money from the system? He thought the problem would end, but it persisted, and authorities were caught in possession of large stashes of cash. The concept is not at all new, it used to happen earlier as well, and is called a raid (income tax raid or police raid).

It is when the officials who bear the responsibility of making sure that no illegal transaction should occur but come across people who don't abide by the rules that a raid takes place. 

Today, you'll be going through stories of such raids that are not only surprising but are considered to be the some of the major raids carried out by our income tax department post demonetisation.