20 Things I Would Want To Advice My Younger Self

What if you get a chance to go back in time?  


Let me start with a quick story my boss shared in a meeting recently.

Once there was a carpenter who worked at a firm for 20 years. One day he planned to quit his job. He went to his supervisor and dropped his resignation. The supervisor asked him to handle one last housing project before leaving. He didn’t want to do it, but since he had served the place for years, he couldn't deny it. 

He finished it without absolute passion, and after the project was completed, he rushed to his superior and asked for approval to leave. The supervisor then took out a key and gave it to the carpenter saying it was his reward for serving the firm for so long. The key belonged to the house he built in a hurry. It was a gift to him from the company.

The carpenter regretted that if he knew about it beforehand, he would have worked properly on it.

This story made me realize that there are so many things that could be different if we would have known about them earlier. So, here are some points that I would really tell myself if I got a chance to go back in time.